Libraries, Literature and Language

Come, lovers of libraries!  Wordsmiths!  Readers and writers of the world!  Submit your literary goodness to our commemorative spring issue of Word Fountain!  In honor of our 125th anniversary as a library, our theme is open to libraries, literature and language.

Your 1,000 word or less submission can be loosely based on these themes.  Interested in writing a poem about how great the library is?  Or perhaps you have a flash fiction mystery piece with the library as a setting?  Want to woo others with your love for Whitman?  Care to compose a Chaucerian piece?  Discuss your discourse on syntax, grammar…etc.

Please, share your creative insights with us:

Deadline for submissions:  April 21, 2014
Ages 13+ (must have legal guardian’s permission if under 18.  A signed document giving you permission is acceptable.)
Any genre.
1,000 words or less.
By submitting you understand that SUBMISSION DOES NOT GUARANTEE PUBLICATION; however, your submission will be carefully reviewed by an excellent literary team.
By submitting, you acknowledge that, if accepted, your work may be published in print, online or in-house at our library.

Ways you can submit:
Mail or deliver to:
Osterhout Free Library
ATTN:  Word Fountain Staff
71 S. Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
Fax:  Attn:  Word Fountain Staff to 570 823 2475


Your friendly neighborhood Word Fountain Editors!

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