Can We Start Again? by Andrea Janov

I sit in my car
In the Metro parking lot
Listening to mix tapes;
the soundtracks of summers
of first shows and three dollar door prices
of best friends and boyfriends
of car rides and kisses.

Tom’s in Love with the Dippin’ Dots Lady : my first show

I knew the static between songs
as well as any lyrics
those seconds before the next track—
when it sinks in to your heart.

Ultimate Devotion : Hey, this song makes me think of you,
Dave said one night in the backseat of Hughes’ Cavalier.
Hit or Miss : driving on winding roads,
screaming our voices hoarse.

we moshed and cried to.
I hadn’t listened to in years.
I didn’t notice when they faded away

replaced by the next song
the next relationship
the next break-up.

Run II : faded hand stamps on Monday morning
I Fought the Law : for all those nights we should
have gotten arrested
Sorry About That : summer nights in a small town

I turn the key in the ignition,
shift into drive
open the windows

Can We Start Again : slices through the muted night.

He falls into the driver’s seat
Here, he drops
an air valve cap in
my hand,
Keep it forever,
drunk kids shouldn’t be driving.

I look down
at the crusty cap
look up
into his eyes
and find the boy from last summer.

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