The Polish Room by George Below

You can feel the pride, life, and history of community
All this concealed in one Boleslawiec eight-inch plate
Universal edge, touching its white rim
Eyes moving in to a blue band

Inside situated intermittently brown bars connecting on to
An undulating brown band, again those transverse brown bars
That melds to a blue band, yet traveling in
To pastoral green circling band

Centering in blue astron stars of flowering curves
Three platen astrum cobalt blue stars
Step out into history Polish image revealed
A head erect close people with identity to defend
Centrally large stands the Flag high
Gathered congregations conversing intimately
To the right, people tightly Catholic mingle
At the very forefront an agrarian scene

Man and a horse plowing the field, yet still closer
A woman sows seed by hand of life
Evening relaxes the day’s toil, the stars twinkle with release
Farmer and wife enter their hearth
She with her fertile picked bouquet of blue aster for centerpiece
The farmer at the head, wife setting the platter
To renew the pastoral cycle through genesis sustained
In her hand she held memories of family past
With intrinsic power she carries the future round
The proud unbroken glimpse is all unveiled
In a circular eight-inch plate

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